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The Brain Analysis and NeuroDevelopment (BAND) Center, LLC, in Hadley, Massachusetts, is a state-of-the-art ‘whole-body’ treatment center combining conventional and innovative therapies to create a new model for mental health treatment. We welcome all ages and hope you’ll find our website interesting and informative!

BAND Center Services

We are an ecosystem. Our mental health cannot be isolated from our overall health and wellness. Often the private experience of mental imbalance, whether that be depression and anxiety or some other emotional pattern that undermines our quality of life or our ability to be present in a positive way, is a reflection of our physical inability to adapt to stress.  Stress can come from everyday, mundane events (parenting, finances, family, work) or it can be deeply traumatic (abuse, assault, violent accidents, war).  Each of us has a unique history, a unique journey and unique patterns of thought that determine how we experience ourselves, our world and how we move through our lives.

neurological-evaluation-child-concussionThere is also the relentless stress that living in our modern culture generates.  We’re all familiar with it.  Just getting through an average day provides a challenge for the human nervous system – and spirit.  At our very core, on a cellular level, we haven’t yet adapted to the world we’ve created.  Some of us manage better than others, but this is often due to the good fortune of genetics.  The body’s natural impulse is always toward balance.  When chronic emotional symptoms occur, they often reflect our inability to regain that balance.

Our mission at the BAND Center is to provide the insight, guidance and therapeutic resources necessary to co-create holistic and sustainable mental health strategies for surviving and thriving in the 21st Century!

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