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There are times when we need to take a break from our daily life and focus our intention and action on healing a part of ourselves that is undermining our quality of life and the ability to be present in a way that expresses our true potential. Culturally, unless we are extremely ill, we don’t allow time for interludes of intense and focused healing. Somehow we’re all expected to just keep going, no matter what.

The purpose of the BAND Center Therapeutic Program Intensive is to make time and create that space for focused healing.  Acknowledging that we need to stop and address a health challenge that’s keeping us from living our best life possible is a powerful step toward achieving optimal health.  For some, a “time out” approach can be the best way to re-direct the trajectory of our life with the hope of moving toward positive change.

At the BAND Center we’re able to put together individualized Therapeutic Program Intensives for each patient’s specific health challenges and wellness goals. The broad spectrum of integrative therapeutic resources available at the BAND Center can be combined and tailored for each client.

Programs generally last 5 to 10 business days and while all Intensive Programs are individually created to suit the specific needs and goals of each client, the following programs are examples of what’s possible…

  1. Persistent Post-Concussion Syndrome
    The current conventional medical opinion is that 80% of all head traumas are resolved within 3 weeks. If this is true, then there are still 1000s of people unable to get back on track with their lives, their jobs and their relationships. If everyone has told you there is nothing more to do for your post-concussion symptoms, this may be the intensive program for you.
  1. Optimal Aging Kick-starter
    It’s never too late to take a straight-on look at your unique strengths and weaknesses in order to create an informed and sustainable aging strategy that will get you on the right track toward your longest and most vibrant life possible.
  1. Mystery Syndromes/ “I feel crummy for no apparent reason” disease
    The modern environment is not the same place that humans have evolved to live in. For many of us, thriving good health has become a matter of genetic and epigenetic roulette. For those of us who are not doing well in this toxic world, The BAND Center offers education and sustainable health strategies for improving quality of life and wellbeing despite ongoing and increasingly intrusive environmental challenges.
  1. Chemo Fog
    For more information about our program resources and about accommodations for those who are travelling from a distance, call us!




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