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Because our neurotherpy sessions are individualized, we do not have a “typical neurotherapy session.” Your session is based on the findings of YOUR brain map and YOUR qEEG diagnostics. We can describe here what would generally happen in a session.

In a Neurotherapy session, a cap is put on your head and electrodes in the cap are placed against your scalp while an EEG records brain wave activity.  It is painless and non-invasive. The patient then can watch a movie, read a book or sit quietly, while the electromagnetic impulses input into the brain. There is no sensation while this is happening. The undesirable brain waves are replaced by the desired or  “normal” brain waves.

Another type of neurotherapy modality involves a positive reinforcement (feedback/reward)when you  produce normal brain waves.  In other words, when the brain produces abnormal brain waves (i.e., those associated with ADHD, anxiety, dyslexia, reading problems, etc.) no reward (reinforcement/feedback) is given. You are then instructed to simply focus and relax, and not “try ” to make the brain patterns change. Since the brain is capable of learning, it will figure out a way to make more of the normal brain wave activity and less of the abnormal activity.

After several sessions, when the brain has learned to make normal brain wave activity, symptoms cease.

This retraining of the brain is accomplished in the same way as other types of learning, by providing positive feedback when desirable behavior occurs. The effect is usually permanent. The process is painless and non-invasive.

Depending on the modality used, each session takes 45minutes to on hour.

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