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Below is our Neurotherapy process with payment schedules. Payment for our services is your responsibility, not that of your insurance company. It is also your responsibility to verify your insurance coverage and benefits and to notify us of any changes in your insurance situation. Note that these fees are subject to change.

Many insurance companies will pay for the first of the three initial visits, the initial diagnostic interview appointment. The second appointment, the initial assessment or brain mapping appointment and follow up appointment are an out of pocket expense of $500.00. The treatment sessions are often not reimbursable in the state of Massachusetts.

Please note that as the patient, you are fully responsible for your payments, if your insurance company chooses not to reimburse you.

Diagnostic Interview

The first step in starting neurotherapy is to schedule an initial diagnostic interview with one of our therapists.  During this 45 minute session, we will determine whether you are a viable candidate for neurotherapy, if you should consider treatments other than neurotherapy, or whether a combination of treatments should be considered.  The $200.00 fee for the initial consultation is often reimbursed by your insurance. Please contact your insurance company and ask about using the CPT code 90791 for this appointment.

Initial Assessment – Brain Mapping and Testing

This brain mapping session takes 2.5 – 3 hrs. Three different brain maps are created. The fee for  this appointment and the follow-up is $500.00.

Follow-Up Session

Approximately 3-5 days after receiving your Initial Assessment, you will meet for a follow-up appointment with Dr. Davis. At this meeting, you will review the findings of the multi-component assessment and discuss treatment options.

Neurotherapy Sessions

After the evaluation, the Neurofeedback sessions can then be scheduled.  The treatment sessions are often not reimbursable in the state of Massachusetts. Neurotherapy sessions are $80 per session if paid at each session.  If prepaid in advance for 20 sessions, the discounted fee per session comes to $60.00 for a prepaid total of $1,200.00. These must be paid in advance and are non refundable.

Mid-treatment progress assessment

All neurotherapy clients at the BAND Center receive a mid-treatment progress assessment. This brain mapping will occur during the 21st treatment session in addition to the treatment. At the 22nd session we will repeat the standardized rating scales and computerized assessments. There will also be a progress review meeting where we’ll discuss your progress to date and any need to modify your treatment plan.

There is no extra charge for this. It will be the price of the regular session, yet the session will be 1.5 hours, instead of the 45 minute session.

Neuropsychological/Psychoeducational Testing

Testing includes administration, materials, written report, and 1-2 hour feedback session.  A complete neuropsychological assessment is usually conducted over three to four days depending on the child’s pace and age.  Testing for accommodations (SAT, for example) usually takes two days (2-4 hours per day).  All other individualized testing is charged based on the hourly fee of $130.


We are happy to provide you with a receipt or a summarized bill at any point during your sessions, should you choose to submit that to your insurance, but please remember that at this time neurotherapy treatments are not covered in the state of Massachusetts.

We are happy to accept either personal checks, cash, or credit cards and payment is due at the beginning of each appointment.

Please note, that our office may charge you for missed appointments. Please see our Missed Visit and Cancellation Policy.

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