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  1. The first step to receiving neurotherapy services at the BAND Center is to fill out a request form for an appointment for an initial diagnostic interview. You can do this via our website (see: Contact Us) or just call 413-835-0520. You’ll need to leave your full name, phone number and preferred time of day to be contacted.
  2. Within a few days, we will call you back, requesting your exact insurance information, if you are choosing to use it. After checking your insurance information, we will set up the Diagnostic Interview and email you the appropriate forms.
  3. Diagnostic Interview – 45 minutes
    You will meet with one of our Psychologist who will take a through interview based on your  goals and reason for treatment. She will discuss how neurotherapy can assist you in reaching those goals.
  4. Initial Assessment –  2.5 hours 
    A trained technician, will spend this time creating different brain maps including the quantitative electroencephalogram (qEEG) assessment.  This actually lets us see what specific brainwave patterns are behind these and other disorders.

Two of the maps require the client to sit and do some simple exercises, like close their eyes and relax. One of them is a standardized rating scales on a computer.

These are not strenuous tests, but this appointment can be broken up into two parts if needed.

  • Follow Up Meeting – 45 minutes
    Approximately 3-5 business days after receiving your Initial Assessment, you will meet for a follow-up appointment with Dr. Davis. At this meeting, you will review the findings of the multi-component assessment and discuss treatment options.
  • Typical Neurotherapy Treatment Sessions  – 45-50 minutes
    A cap will be carefully put on your head with each of the sensors connected to a computerized  monitoring system. While one of our trained technicians assists you throughout the session, Dr. Davis will be leading your treatment and making adjustments as needed.


Within 12-48 hours after each session we ask that you provide us with information about your cognitive, emotional and behavioral status via our secure online report which can be found on our website (Online Reports). This will help us continue to fine tune your treatment so that you receive maximal benefit.

As mentioned earlier, it is difficult to predict in advance how many sessions will be needed to attain the specific goals sought by our clients. Generally speaking, the typical length of treatment has been 20-40 sessions. We ask all individuals to commit to a minimum of twenty sessions by which time you should experience a noticeable change in function.

Neurotherapy is essentially a training process for the brain. As such, we recommend twice weekly neurotherapy sessions whenever possible, although for many conditions once a week is also suggested. BAND Center staff will be happy to assist you in creating a schedule that best fits your goals and lifestyle.

  • Mid-treatment progress assessement  – 1.5 hours 
    All neurotherapy clients at the BAND Center receive a mid-treatment progress assessment. This brain mapping will occur during the 21st treatment session in addition to the treatment. At the 22nd session we will repeat the standardized rating scales and computerized assessments. There will also be a progress review meeting where we’ll discuss your progress to date and any need to modify your treatment plan.


There is no extra charge for this. It will be the price of the regular session, yet the session will be 1.5 hours, instead of the 45 minute session.

  • Periodic Assessments can be done at any time to monitor, change or assess progress. The patient is given an opportunity to give Dr. Davis feedback after each session with an online process, in order for treatments to be monitored regularly.


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