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Biofeedback is a widely used clinical treatment that supports the client by teaching active self-regulation of their medical and psychophysical symptoms. In this biomedical approach the patient learns, using computerized monitoring equipment, to alter and control their physical symptoms in real time. Using non-invasive equipment such as an EMG for muscle tension symptoms, a small thermoregulatory device, which monitors minute temperature changes and blood flow, and/or an EDG, which monitors the surface electrical activity of the body, a patient can alter many bodily functions without pain or recourse to medication. It is very useful in treating symptoms such as panic and anxiety attacks, headaches (migraine and tension headaches), chronic pain syndromes, tooth grinding (bruxism) and TMJ, high blood pressure, Raynaud’s disease, respiratory problems and different gastrointestinal symptoms (IBS, colitis, ulcers) along with others. It requires focusing attention and learning relaxation or tensing of specific areas of the body, areas which are monitored by the equipment in real time and then reflected back to the patient on a computer screen so that they might then change that specific behavior or symptom. It is done within the office and then applied to the patient’s life situation.

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