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A quantitative encephalogram (QEEG) is a “map” of a client’s brain waves.

A digital analysis of the EEG is used to compare the amount of different frequencies (alpha, beta, theta) and the relationships of these rhythms between areas in the brain. Then your data is compared to databases of “normal” individuals of the same age to determine the nature and severity of your specific brain patterns. This information is then used to determine protocols to be used by the neurofeedback technicians in training to normalize the EEG abnormalities and improve brain function.

A QEEG is completed for each client before treatment begins to determine the appropriate treatment for that client. The colorful map easily demonstrates how each client’s brain differs from the standard baseline. These protocols can change depending on the information given to us by the QEEG.

During your treatment sessions, additional QEEG maps are done to determine your progress. Dr. Davis analyzes the QEEG to determine where brain wave patterns deviate from the norm and to determine where re-training of the brain is necessary; thus, the name QEEG-guided Neurotherapy. Pre- and post-treatment brain map changes are clearly visible to the untrained eye and can be accurately explained in your meetings with Dr. Davis.

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