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Navigating the social environment is a complex task.  It involves being able to interpret your own role and that of the role of others, in a variety of settings from formal learning to informal interchanges.  It involves being able to interpret both the written and unwritten social rules of all environments.   It involves being able to know what to say, how to say it, and when to say it.  It involves taking perspective, thinking about others, learning about/from others, and interpreting your impact on others.  It involves learning how to be an effective member of the group.

Dr. Butler works with students in either small groups or one-to-one, developing and strengthening their social strategy repertoire.  Each session introduces a new strategy that is practiced in a simulation of a typical life situation.  Coaching is provided to develop successful implementation of the strategy.

This work is designed to support students toward building enviable adult lives, creating a bridge of generalization so that students use newly developed skills outside of the office setting.  Our goal is to build toward independence and self-advocacy by allowing students to develop their ability to choose and make valuable decisions.

Social Skills Conceptual Framework

  • ToM (Theory of Mind)
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy)
    • Thoughts cause feelings and behaviors
  • ILAUGH (MGW, 2005)
    • Initiation
    • Listening with Eyes and Brain
    • Abstract/Inferential Language & Communication
    • Understanding Perspective
    • Gestalt
    • Humor
  • 4 Steps of Communication (MGW, 2008)
    • Consider the thoughts feelings of others
    • Establish a physical presence
    • Use your eyes to consider…
    • Use your language to show…
  • 4 Steps of Perspective Taking (MGW, 2008)
    • Two people sharing a space equals… communication
    • People have thoughts about others
    • These thoughts are framed by one’s perspective
    • Communication partners monitor one another throughout the process.
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